Fear of A Free Slave

by Kimberly Yaa-theory

Like Assata, I have been accused of planning
Through racial tension they have tried to diminish me
Social pressures have forced me to forward freedom
The curved bell has labeled me inferior, much too long
And I am not part of the choice group
Since being here I have seen many lose sight 
and refuse to trace from whence they came
I am stuck in a place where power and value are always in conflict
And where I am seen as inferior, yet I am hated
And I ask,
If all statistics show that I am destined to be nothing, 
then why do you care if I choose to embrace knowledge?
If I am statistically proven to make less than my counterpart 
no matter how much education or experience I gain, 
then why do you not employ me?
I wonder why many of us volunteer ourselves as slaves
Alarmed at the possibility of freedom
I wondered before why the Irish, and the French, and the Germans, etc. etc. 
are allowed in the U.S. with the ability roam freely 
and Haitians, Afrikans, Jamaicans, etc. etc. are not
Then I figured it out
Itís a fear
A fear of rebellion
A fear that one day all Afrikan descended people 
will want to be free and rebel 

Fear of A Free Slave by Kimberly Yaa-theory

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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