Aids' Love Poem To The Children Of South Afrika

by Kimberly Yaa-theory

I have trampled over the lands of Guyana
Laying my eggs in the wombs of innocent mothers
Destroying their hopes of ever being able 
to share their love physically
I have blurred the faces of babies in Nairobi 
who are innocent bystanders to my premeditated murders
I snatch away the lives of them in their prime
Thrusting my pain into their innocence
Hoping it will cure my anemia
My Mental anemia
Raping them like Iím their master
Chaining them to beds, leg to leg, neck to neck
Urging them to speak in a language that time forgets
and no one can stop me from my crimes
No one can stop me from my crimes, because
Who cares about the poor black babies but me?
And their mothers who cry
Please, please donít take my baby!
Please donít take the only thing that matters to me!
But I ignore their cries
Cause if I donít take their innocence
it will be ripped from them
because of the lust in their fatherís eyes
For he believes in the myths
So I place my name upon their wrist
Displaying my name, Hi-V
Sticking to the skin like poison ivy
And although they die I live
And as I die slowly in one
In another I live

Aids' Love Poem To The Children Of South Afrika by Kimberly Yaa-theory

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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