Meet Ralph

Excerpts from Whiplash [meet me in Alberta]

by Temba Magorimbo

Harvey gunned the vehicle at top speed for Phoenix Crescent. He parked his vehicle and went up the steps knocking at a flat in Orion Court. The woman who answered was dressed in a flowered brown longer than knee skirt. She had a denim cloth tied over her bosom and a denim cloth holding her reddish hair in place. She wore spectacles. She gazed at him from the top of the rims while he remained with his hand in his trouser pocket.

"Free at last?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied. "Are you free as well?"

"I had supper alone and I could do with a beer," she opened the door wider. "The kid and the maid have gone to sleep so less noise."

"As if I was a chatterbox," he replied.

"Are you not?"

"I never was. How would I be a medical practitioner if I talked a lot?" he asked.

"A beer?"

"Yes, just a glass will do with ice and lemon rind if you may."

"One glass coming!"

Harvey closed and bolted the door. He finished his glass of beer in three mouthfuls.

"Everything all right?" she asked looking at the empty glass and the doctor standing before her.


"More beer?"

She stood before him looking tall and slightly slender. She was a woman with medium bosom, high waist and high cheekbones. He took her into his arms feeling her bosom against his chest. Her arms came tightly around him inside his jacket. She removed the jacket and tie before unbuttoning his shirt collar. He kissed her ravenously removing the breast cover. They switched off the lights going onto the sofa. She undressed him until he stood only in his pants without even a sock on his feet. He removed her clothes one at a time while she was kissing his chest hairs, his neck and his stomach.


"Shush!" she reminded.

When later, they were satiated, and dressed up she brought him a beer sitting close to him. She had a glass of wine while he had two quarts of very cold beer alongside fresh lemon rinds. She had all her eyes on him looking from the hairs of his chest to his face.

"How were the patients' doctor?" she asked.

"The patients were all right nurse Jamie McTavish," he kissed her lips again tracing his hands on her nipples. "How is the out-patients department of Q-Q darling?"

"It is great as always," she kissed him back

He uttered sounds of delight.

"How much I love to see you at work. I feel ripples going through me when I think you are all mine."

"I love you so much Harvey even though I know we will never marry. Let me just enjoy this moment I am free with you.

"You should have come for supper. Are you sure you do not want pasta? I could heat some for you alongside chicken pieces."

"Would you mind keeping it soft and low? No noise to the other workmates okay? Hospital romances are there but you do not need use a bull horn every time I screw you, do you?"

"I know Harvey, neither am I," she had replied. "I am not a banshee. I am a mother of one unmarried of my own choice so I know. I take repetitions very well sweetie."

"That is why I am here to make sure you enjoy the best of love making before I return to my lonely parlour," he replied.

"How is the child?"

"Eugene is doing well honey thanks very much. He will be at his father's place in Shabanie over the weekend. Are you free to come?" she asked.

She watched his face tracing her fingers on the skin. He thought for a long while. He did not like getting himself into a fix after false promises. Ladies could be played one against the other if he knew the cards well.

"I will be in Bulawayo for about three nights," he replied. "Where will you be, home?"

"When you are not in Bulawayo."

"Need you ask?"

"About pasta and chicken darling with splashing of mixed French salad?" she asked.

"Darling, I am full. I had some junk food while talking to this chemical engineer," he replied. "However I could do with chicken pieces though."

"More beer?" she asked. She served him. He thought he had taken more beer than he was supposed to when he started having visions. The bedroom door opened and a short and thickset man wearing just boxer shorts came out. "Oh darling Ralph how is the headache now?"

"Never been better. How many beers did I take, eleven? What time is it?"

"Eleven in the night."

"Hi," Ralph said. "Oh how are you Doctor Stanford, did you really need wake the doctor up for my headache Alice?"

"What else could I do Ralph?" she asked. "Let the good doctor look you over darling before we settle for the night."


Meet Ralph by Temba Magorimbo

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