Thoughts From The Heart Of A Garden

by Tameko L. Barnette

i've seen the same things you've seen
yet my eyes are a little different from yours
to you, my eyes look like flowers, grass,
dirt, fertilizer, weeds, trees, vegetables.

i've also harbored the best fruit in the world,
but today my heart cries with a deep uncertainty.
how did we get here on this day in this way?
this rare fruit, bittersweet and plentiful.

they have an assortment of names, these fruits
are called terror, sorrow, sadness, and fear.
i've never seen them before the eleventh day.
i had heard about them, but they were far away.

or so i thought they were far away,
much to my dismay, here they stand
at our doors in our minds on our television
stripping away our very existence.

how cowardly were those acts of terror?
words can't explain my disdain and fear.
it's not the individuals i fear, it's the 
unknown possibilities that awaits us.

but i also know that there are positive
possibilities that awaits us in the future
but i must focus on the here and now
i must tend to my fruits, veggies, and such

i must nurture them and replenish myself
i must help them grow to their fullest potential
i must believe that all of my creations will live
i must believe that we will go on and survive

people weren't the only ones crying that day
the earth herself cried so much it created
a few hurricanes and tropical storms that week
and she stirred up a few thunderstorms.

oh, how she cried and the pain she felt was big
but through all of that, she created the water
that rejuvenated me and helped us continue to grow
into beautiful, delicious creations once again.

so, you see, there is so much positivity
that can come from something so negative.
i don't mean to preach to you, i'm simply
sharing my view from my end of the earth.

because i am the earth,
i am the ground you walk on.
i am the place you sit down
i am the foundation you stand on.

and i will help you rise,
as you help me grow.

Thoughts From The Heart Of A Garden by Tameko L. Barnette

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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