On A Rainy Day

by Tameko L. Barnette

On a rainy day, I have found myself in the throws of a full-fledged lazy mode. I have been absolutely done and undone. Itís something about the rain that makes me want to lie down and just watch television. I have often found myself pulling the covers over my head in the morning to catch several more winks before coaxing my body to lift itself up out of bed.

On a rainy day, I am quiet. I could be at my apartment or in a cafť or bookstore somewhere engrossed in a good book, a website, or a piece of writing. I am silent on rainy days. Itís the perfect time to meditate. I let go of everything. What can I do? Where can I go? What thing in life requires my attention so deeply that it canít wait for the rain to stop?

On a rainy day, I am peaceful. Like the song says, ďI feel like itís raining all over the worldĒ when itís pouring droplets of purification all over Roanoke, Virginia. I am meditating on the rain and with the rain.

On a rainy day, if I have the right ingredients, I will bake something very tasty like a cake, or some cookies, or something nice for dinner. On a rainy day, I will listen to music, watch television, or watch DVDs of cartoons or something else funny. Itís a great time to entertain oneís self.

On a rainy day, I am sitting with my feet up watching The Cosby Show. I love Cliff and Claire. Their romantic relationship is inspirational. It doesnít take much for me to sit in front of the television and completely analyze a show thatís meant to be entertaining. Perhaps this is how I entertain myself. I like to find deep, philosophical meaning in the most mundane or entertaining outlets. It makes life interesting.

On a rainy day, I realize things that I am not always willing to admit on a nice sunny day. I realize exactly tired I am. I realize how addicted I am to chocolate. Because if I donít have any around the apartment I damn near blow a gasket. Although, within about ten minutes, I get over it and realize that some chocolate from some corner in the world will find its way to me when the Universe feels the time is right. See what Iím saying. Philosophical meaning in something as mundane as a chocolate craving.

On a rainy day, I amÖ

On A Rainy Day by Tameko L. Barnette

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