by Karen Talley

I was in the garden many years ago,
Tempted, teased and tricked.
I was ashamed of my sins
And was punished for them,
But I rose to birth a world,
And every seed that carries a seed
Carries a seed from me.

I was in a crowd of evil doers
Who cried to crucify Christ.
I wept and I moaned,
But I remained strong,
And in three days, I heard the Christ speak,
And everyone who hears the word,
First heard the word from me.

I sailed across a treacherous sea
Chained, gagged, and bound,
But the substance that's within me
Allowed me to set foot on fresh new ground.
"Ground," they declared, "where all could be free."
But the sweat and blood and tears and pain
That gave their freedom came from me.

You see, I was there when Moses crossed the waters.
I was there when Saigon fell.
I was there when Paul Revere rode through the night.
I was with Jesus at the well.
I supped among the mighty pharaohs.
I fought battles in many lands.
I sheltered Harriet Tubman.
I helped Susan B. Anthony make a stand.
I held hands with King and sang.
I slept inside concentration camp walls.
I was a gun slinger in the wild west.
And I crushed the Berlin wall.

I am a woman and I will always be,
Today, tomorrow, forever more.
I was created to compliment man.
He is mine and I am his to adore.
And though he brags about his history,
The stories about the stories
Have no glory without me.

Me by Karen Talley

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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