I May Not Be

by Karen Talley

I may not be the finest thing since sliced bread
I may not be the star of the fantasies
You've conjured up in your head
I may not be the ideal woman of your dreams
I may not be the one who makes your
Toes curl and makes you scream
I may not say all of the things you think I should
I may not always look or speak the best that I could
I may not fit the bill or the standards
Set by your friends
But did you ever have an inkling of a thought
That I might be a godsend
Don't you want a woman who'll love you completely
A woman who'll sacrifice her all for you
Don't you want a woman who'll be faithful
A woman who'll always stand by you
I may not be the cutest woman in the crowd
But I am a woman of whom you can be proud
My intelligence is like a river overflowing
And with me there is confidence in knowing
I will always be there by your side
I may not be all you said you wanted
But don't discard me without much thought
Don't pass me by because of some image
That society has taught
Get to know the woman in me
And take a stand undaunted
And eventually you'll come to see
I'm everything you never knew you wanted.

I May Not Be by Karen Talley

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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