Christian Sisterhood

by Karen Talley

The blood of Jesus binds us.
We are one and the same.
We were each a dirty littly lamb
When we called upon His name.

Faith carries us through the rough times,
And His grace sustains us, too.
The Holy Spirit comforts us,
And intercedes in our prayers, too.

We fight the temptation of this world
By remembering Jesus is Lord.
With constant prayer and supplication,
We cling to His holy word.

We know we can do all things.
We just have to name it.
We know our Father can give us anything,
So we just bow and claim it.

We're not ashamed of loving Him.
We put Him first in all we do.
We're tied up and tangled up in Him,
And in each other, too.

Christian Sisterhood by Karen Talley

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