The Bus Stop

by Karen Talley

The darker brother took a seat next to the old pale lady on the bench
And she promptly picked up her packages and moved away
Then the old Jew took her seat and the darker brother turned
His back to him without even saying hello and when the senorita
Made her way to the corner the darker brother made his move
And the boy with the slanted eyes and the baggy jeans
Stopped at the seat to tie his shoes and the old Jew turned up his nose
That's when the sista squeezed in on the bench between the
Slanted eyed boy with the baggy jeans and the old Jew and
The old Jew admired her long cocoa legs while she sucked her teeth
At the darker brother on the corner with the senorita
A red man stopped and asked the slanted eyed boy the time
But the boy in his baggy jeans turned his head as if he heard nothing
But a blonde who walked up said 2:42 and the red man nodded and waited
While the slanted eyed boy with the baggy jeans
Tried to get the number of the sista who was sucking her teeth at
The darker brother who wanted to get busy with the senorita
Who had her eye on the slanted eyed boy who was scoping the sista
Sitting next to the old Jew who turned his nose up at the red man
Standing next to the blonde who checked out the darker brother
On the corner with the senorita while the old pale lady
Stood alone in the chilly air waiting for the bus to come

The Bus Stop by Karen Talley

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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