Black Love

by Karen Talley

My brothers and my sisters
It's my duty to
Delight you, ignite you, excite you
On this thing called black love.
Nothing is more beautiful,
More beautiful to me
Than cinnamon, mocha, and mahogany,
Rich chocolate, pecan tan, beige, and ebony,
Sharing hugs, kisses, and sweet harmony.
On a long country road, or through the dark woods,
Or hand and hand on a sunset beach,
Through the streets of Manhattan
In the late night hours,
Or just beneath the mountain's reach,
Loving, trusting, caring, hugging,
Connection, affection, no hate or rejection.
Lips and fingers, necks and toes,
Hot bubble baths, some candy, a rose,
Poems, love letters, late hour conversations,
Screams of passion, tears of joy,
And feelings of jubilation.
Diamond rings
And someone sings their congratulations.
Valley days and hills to climb,
Prayers are made to God
And everything is fine.
Trust, honor, fidelity, too,
Respect, communication,
One heart for the two.
One in spirit, one in mind,
Once because their love will last all times
One in faith, one in loyalty,
Once because the greatest gift, you see
Is indeed
Black love.

Black Love by Karen Talley

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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