I Am From...

by Stormy Monday

I am from the Q-U-E-E-N-C-I-T-Y streets
On the corner where Spring Garden and George Town meet

I am from strolling the Valley and walking the Hills
Trying to beat the street lights home just to get thrills.

I am from Vigorol perms, Jeri Curls and box braids
Spike belts to Kangos and Kool Moe D shades.

I am from, Members Only Jackets, Jordace Jeans and Jelly shoes
And Right On magazine kept us in touch with all the R&B news

I am from pop rocks, pop locks and beat box
and break dancing battles in Sugar Creek park

I am from the black conscious era to stimulate the mental
And free styles rhyming over instrumentals.

I am from the Red, Black and Green, black berets and raised fists
Peace marches, X caps and conscious lyricists

I am from Spike Leeís Do the Right Thing 
to Teddy Rileyís New Jack Swing 

I am from street gangs and drive bys that didnít make any sense
Patrolling the streets of Little Rock in the Stop the Violence movement 

I am from block parties, basement jams and fish frys
Fried chicken, potato salad and bean pies

And if you donít know what this city means to me
Just take a walk on the Q-U-E-E-N-C-I-T-Y streets.

I Am From... by Stormy Monday

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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