The Crutch

by Storm

My mind had been challenged 
When you took my heart.

I was desperately in love
From the very start.

Two years went by
Before I perceived

The real nature of you
Is to deceive.

Subtly, intentionally
You drew me in

Camouflaging the manipulation 
You hid within.

You exploited my weakness,
The need to give you what I never had.

The loyalty and love
I wanted so bad.

Eight years I did what 
You wanted of me

I humbled myself
Cowered at your feet.

I fucked you, sucked you
Please sodomy.

Enjoying your twisted
Sick fantasies.

My mind was gone 
Only one need remained.

To make you love me 
And it drove me insane.

What was done in the dark
Has come to light

Your faithless ass
Left me no will to fight

I have no doubt
It was your plan

To kill me, rape me 
Leave nothing to stand.

And you almost won
I was helpless, defeated.

My mind shocked, 
heart broken
You nearly succeeded.

I laid there in hell
Accepting defeat.

No drive, No will,
No love to keep.

Starving I was 
For Comfort and Peace.

My thoughts in chaos 
Confusion increased.

Desperately clinging
You were my crutch.

But I was nobody to you,
I was treated as such.

When the numbness wore off
Hidden underneath 

Was a spark of anger 
That grew in heat.

My soul, my body,
You didnít know,

Had begun to reject you, 
Iíd stop your flow.

My heart screamed 
Denying the force.

My Rage, in action
Was the only course.

The horror, the hurt,
Burned its way free.

And out of the ashes,
There is a new me.

Out of the storm,
A Storm is born.

She cannot be broken
Sheís a woman scorned.

Strength and power,
In every step.

She has no need of men.
She will not be kept.

She is not helpless, 
Confused or weak.

She is passion, desire,
Transformed deceit.

You can never tame her.
Donít waste your time.

Sheís all consuming, calculating,
And so damn fine.

So be gone, 
I donít need a crutch
You see.

All I need to hold me up,
Is me.

The Crutch by Storm

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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