What's The Happs

by Brofucius

Every night I pray Iíll face another day
And I guess Iím blessed the Lord sees it my way
And allows me another opportunity
To timely educate the world community
For so long it seems Iíve tried to get the word out
And convince society that we need a turnabout
And stop doing crime and stop doing time
And combine the human race and erase racial lines
But I guess weíre all blind at least too blind to see that
Weíre human first, then Americans, and then Black
Nobody lacks obstacles or adversity
Least of all you and especially me
When will we see thereís room for every damn one
And stop killing fathers, brothers, and sons
What have they done but overcome and work so hard
To have a little money, a home, and their own car
But yet, you havenít tried so how could you succeed
And now, youíre charged with murder in the first degree
You jacked a car without regard of the victimís plea
You didnít have to shoot him but more and more I see
Stupid, senseless, asinine murders
Just when I think the limitís reached
It goes further and further
To unheard of extremes
Theyíre steadily bustiní caps
Yeah, a sight for sore eyes
But thatís whatís the happs...

I see homeless people with no food to eat
But my moneyís too short to give it out on the street
I canít spare a dime, G
ĎCause if I give you mine, I wonít be able to eat
So when they ask, I act like I donít hear
I canít afford to be nice
Itís not like I donít care
But what can I do
Why should I give to the point where Iím homeless too
Misery loves company but I canít be its guest
Everyday, I need to thank God Iíve been blessed
Sometimes, I forget
But Iíve got to start remembering
ĎCause that is one tie a brother canít be severing
ĎCause Iíll never get to heaven if Iím breakiní hearts
Why call my woman names
Why should I even start
ĎCause if the shoe donít fit, I shouldnít try to make her wear it
She fills my heart with love and with her I want to share it
I have to watch what I sayÖsome take it out of context
Black men gettiní murdered
So maybe I am next

But I refuse to start living my whole life in fear
And I know one sheds only so many tears
I guess Iíve got to make the best of a bad situation
Maybe things will get better with my timely education
And in the process, I can make some snaps
I know Iím not perfect but I know whatís the happs...

I wrote a simple rhyme and they changed the meaning
It was politically incorrect
So now, itís open season
On my freedom or speech and my freedom to assemble
I lost my freedom to Socialism
Thatís what it resembles
Freedom was wider than the ocean and deeper than the sea
Now, itís so hard to find my civil liberties
Someoneís put Ďem on hold or theyíre pulling on the choke
I donít need a microscope to see my freedomís revoked
Snap, crackle, pop...
Another drive-by shooting
Reggie Denny got no justice and I donít see no one looting
Or rooting...where is the second trial
A civil rights violation Black American style
Yes, I said Black
Just check the pigmentation
I was born American
I ainít from an African nation
And I understand those are manís origins
But I also understand the meaning of American
An American is made up of every culture, creed, and race
Itís a melting pot
It canít be a separatist state
So before we concentrate on being Black letís be human
Divided weíll all fall right into ruins
Where we falling apart itís time to make sutures
Or else weíll all be living a life without a future
This ainít biased education
Itís not only for the Blacks
Itís for everyone who wants to know whatís the happs...

What's The Happs by Brofucius

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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