Favorite Pick (If I Had One Wish)

by Stimulates

If I had one wish in life
I know what it would be
And I wish to God that wish would come true
Although I know it's a lot for someone who's like me
I still want my wish 'cause it's you
Maybe I wish for you so much
'Cause the feeling's strong inside
And I know my heart's not playing any mean tricks
Everyone needs to have love relations to survive
And with me, you're my favorite pick
When I'm dreaming, I want to be your lover
Just like every other guy
Then I'd know exactly what to do
I would be cool and you would see me always in control
Except anytime that I'd be kissing on you
It's all I need to love someone who does the things you do
It's plain to see how I can be in love with you

Favorite Pick (If I Had One Wish) by Stimulates

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