Murder Capital

by Brofucius

A tisket, a tasket
A car...let’s jack it
If the driver acts a fool, the sucker gets blasted
I couldn’t earn a car…so, I guess I’ve gotta take it
That gun control law is a flaw so I just break it
Time after time, I commit more crimes
Law abiding citizens must be out of their minds
‘Cause they’re sitting ducks
All out of luck
Getting shot up so a crook can make a buck
And five-0 is understaffed and the gangbangers laugh
You can’t solve murders when they’re happening too fast
Case overloads, loopholes in penal codes
Killers never see the chair at the end of the road
I’m worried about drive-bys not about being arrested
Is that kid telling lies or was he really molested
I guess this all stems from bad parenting
I question the congestion but I can’t get out the phlegm
-Ahem-ahem- excuse me for a moment
Another murder case pending got its fifth postponement
And the phone vent -brrring- another stay of execution
I tell you capital punishment is part of the solution
To stop the institution of murder and mayhem
Execution style murder
That story at ten
Oh, well, I’m catching hell
It seems that’s all in store
I guess it’s true nobody gets too much heaven no more
So, I explore the possibilities…then, pick the obvious pick
It’s better to he judged by twelve than carried by six
It’s better to be strapped
So, I stay strapped y’all
Ya gotta be to survive in the murder capital

Pop, pop, once again
Don’t you hear the sirens
Murder after murder is all you’re legislating
And yet, you keep debating illogical solutions
Call in the National Guard and build more penal institutions
But the evolution of a kid without a conscious
Is increasing unlike policing…now, you’re trying to launch this
National gun control five day waiting period
You’ve banned guns in D.C. but crime’s become more serious
You took credit for the murder rate decrease one year
So take credit for the increase
What’s fair is fair
You should care to know what you’re doing wrong
And stop blaming violence on TV, movies, and rap songs
‘Cause if people are so gullible to live in fantasies
I believe it’s their parents’ fault so stop blaming me

‘Cause I write what I see and what I’m privy to
So stop playing monkey see, stop playing monkey do
And hanging in crews and being stupid yes-men
You think you’ll see tomorrow but guess what man
Blam, blam…oh, damn, down goes another one
Somebody’s father, homeboy, or son
Will there ever come a time when there’s no one else to kill
I’ll be damned if I won’t and damned if I will
Keep my trigger pulling skills in case one day I’ll need ‘em
Obituaries...don’t worry ‘cause mine you won’t be reading
Still, we’re exceeding the number of murders last year
‘Cause no one has a feeling…when they’re killing, they don’t care
But are you weary of suspicious vehicles
Yo, man, you’ve gotta be in the murder capital

Murder Capital by Brofucius

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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