Echoes Of Tears

by Stimulates

Just sips of your love was intoxicating
And I know I did more than sip
Now, I am faced with times I loved
Times I want to forget
Times I said silent prayers for
Times I thought never-ending
So foolish to think so much of you
Too much hoping and pretending

So many times I believed in you
So many times I believed in us
And every time I was wrong to believe
So foolish to even trust
Guess it wasn't forever in your eyes
It was just someone else
Told myself we were meant to be
Seems I was lying to myself

Echoes of tears resound
They once fell in the past
Tears don't fall anymore
Unless they evaporate so fast
Echoes of tears resound
A fool was used once again
How did we start with a kiss
If your aspirations was just friends

The world keeps passing by me
Blue skies with clouds of clutter
Each one containing your face
And the butterflies still flutter
I would kindly stop the world
And end time, as we know
If my eyes would not be remembered
For all the pain they show

Sleep eludes like never before
My chest just wants to explode
I wonder around in a daze
Left stranded again on the road
All this talk of your love
Is not shown in your actions
It explains what is so obvious
The hurt in my reactions

Echoes of tears resound
Like ghosts and apparitions
Never should have expected
That more from you would be given
Echoes of tears resound
From the not so distant past
Love is so blinding to see
And always beyond my grasp

Time goes on and passes in ticks
What's left of my heart cannot find
The rhythm to beat…the harmony
That had occurred briefly at times
I never had pride that mirrors
This heart that knows not your true love
That you have espoused so many times
I cannot believe all you speak of

All that is being said and revisited
Is just to convince myself
That I should be happy of these events
To break the hold of someone else
But the happiness seems to elude me
It seems the hurt has been so severe
The wells of my soul have dried
What is left are just echoes of tears

Echoes Of Tears by Stimulates

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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