Dreaminí Of You (Just Feel What I Can Do)

by the Silhouette Lover

Lady, there is something cominí over me
Just look at my body Iím sure that you will see
All the burniní desire that I have for you
And baby, thatís whatís up so what Ďcha gonna do
ĎCause my mind over and over plays with the fantasy
Of all the soft and wetness you could give to me
And I try so damn hard to be so calm
But desire overwhelms me with the magic of your charms

Are you just gonna let me have these dreams
of all the ways Iíll please you...
Or are you gonna let me give you pleasure...
Just feel what I can do

Your skin looks so soft
Please let me caress it
Your body is so temptiní
Please let me undress it
Let me kiss you all over and my tongue will wet your ear
Pleasure is the issue
You want my tongue where
My body aches with passion
The kind I hope you need
Just whisper in my ear, "I want your love in me...Ē
Donít say Iíve gone too far with my imagination
Tell me that my dream is the perfect scene creation

It seems you get excited every time I stare
I get excited too...maybe somethingís in the air
ĎCause I look you up and down and my eyes begin to smile
Can I love you...huh, baby, please...for a little while
Imagine us in bed or even in the shower
As long as Iím in you one hundred miles an hour
With passion ooziní out while savoriní our time
Sighiní, moaniní, groaniní...our bodies grind
The A/Cís not gonna save us neither will the fan
ĎCause Iíll burn up with passion Iím just a mortal man
Your river will definitely overflow its banks
And if "thank youís" are in order, then, Iím the one to thank
Damn, Iím gonna please you, I wonít settle for no less
Baby, Iíll be bad Ďcause when Iím bad Iím the best
I just want to show you what my passion will do
Iím gonna stop the world just to melt with you...

Dreaminí Of You (Just Feel What I Can Do) by the Silhouette Lover

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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