The Black Prince

by Brofucius

Regally handsome
A creation that is proud in structure
Tempting lips, mystique in black
Articulating knowledge
Penetrating eyes
Masculinity exuded, spiritually enriched
Powerful arms
Embracing challenges, uplifting the race
Bronzed skin, African blends
Muscular and firm
Defined chest, broad shoulders
Cultivating our young
Sculptured stature, proud and sturdy
Carrying our burdens, marching feet
Free of shackles, leading our people
Character personified, poetically inclined
In each handsome face
Lover of faith, communion with God
Virtuous morals etched in the soul
Holy Rapture, righteousness sought
In waterfalls of words
Backbone of our struggle
Surveyor of our destiny
Seed of our family tree
Agile brother of many dreams
Prince of the future
Majestic man of her life
Companion of her soul
Quiet storm of her desire
Giver of joy, reliever of pain
Innocent lover sprang from youth
Root of our native fruit
Seasoned, delicious joy of her presence
Flooding her mind
Beat of her heart
The caress of her soul
The aura of heaven
Surround me
The taste of forever
The quencher of thirst and hunger
Respect me and be in awe of me
For I am the Black Prince

The Black Prince by Brofucius

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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