This Ain't Livin'

by Brofucius

My country Ďtis of thee
Where in the hell is my liberty
Of thee I sing
Hell no, I rap
And in these days and times, Iíve got to stay strapped
ĎCause this ainít liviní standing and waiting
Through demonstrating and political debating
ĎCause every politician is just masquerading
And we ainít got jack from all this legislating
And all we do is talk about issues
And they wipe it away like shit on toilet tissue
They never do what we want Ďem to do
Theyíve oppressed me
Now, theyíre oppressing you
So what Ďcha gonna do
Rely on your vote
Thatís a damn joke
Itís time to take notes
From a person whoís use to being dissed
But those who dissed are on my hit list
Iím swift and quick like a sudden storm
Claiming victims in this executionerís song
And I ainít one to show no pity
When I step to make a hit like I was Frank Nitti
So get down to the gritty Ďcause ainít no one giving
This ainít liviní, naw, this ainít liviní

Oí say can you see by the dawnís early light
Black sets you back if youíre white youíre all right
What so proudly we held was a raised clenched fist
Are there human rights laws that really existÖ
Because I donít see any being enforced
And this world is on a collision course
With destruction, the seventh sign, Armageddon
The Book of Revelations is exactly where weíre heading
So who do you love
Who do you trust
Weíll all be ashes to ashes, dust to dust
So, itís a must to do right if you want be saved
ĎCause itís about time for the judgment day
And thatís where all weíll see whoís wrong and whoís right
Everything weíve ever done will be brought to light
Itís time to start being benevolent
Instead of hate, wouldnít hope make sense
Why be hell bent on history
To support todayís animosity
Itís an atrocity to teach kids to hate
We need to teach Ďem love and how to relate
Through love and kindness, respect, and giving
ĎCause this ainít liviní, naw, this ainít liviní
Oí beautiful for spacious skies
Youíre doomed to hell if you donít tithe
For purple mountains majesty
Let me be free at last so I can thank God almighty
Iíll know that Iíll be truly blessed
When I finally get a chance to rest
But until then Iíve got to do work
Regardless of congressional perks
Itís their way of taking your vote
With all those perks thereís very little hope
Of getting a politician voted out of office
Theyíre exempt from laws that constantly cost us
But yet, we still let all this continue
ĎCause we know at any time they could send you
Off to war or some police action
Or to be a peacekeeper between warring factions
Or theyíll raise your taxes to forty or fifty percent
While the deficit increases, all your money is spent
Democracyís turning into Socialism
Didnít the iron curtain give us the wisdom
Everybodyís searching the sky for ribbons
ĎCause this ainít liviní, naw this ainít liviní

Oh, make me wanna holler
Throw up both my hands
Itís time for all of us to take a stand
I refuse to believe that someone planned this
This country is lost just like Atlantis
Thereís very little time left to do something
If we donít get this started, we wonít have nothing
So wake the hell up and stop waiting for others
Or keep on running for cover
ĎCause brothers and sisters, we shouldnít look for help
When we ainít even trying to help ourselves
Like crying for affirmative action
And that hasnít given any satisfaction
Or having child after child for more welfare handouts
But collecting charity ainít what itís all about
Youíve got to stand up and be counted as a man
Only once in a while one needs a helping hand
Whether itís Allah, Buddha, Jah or Jesus
Other men only seem to lead us
To disaster faster than the speed of light
While steadily suppressing our human rights
Iíve got to escape so fire up the izm
ĎCause this ainít liviní, naw, this ainít liviní

This Ain't Livin' by Brofucius

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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