When My Daddy Died

by Ank J. SteadySpear

I will never forget that day it was a sad, sad day 
When my daddy died oh it was a sad old time
When my daddy died my Mama cried 
Oh my Mama cried I saw the tears flow from her eyes
Oh my Mama cried because my daddy died
No one saw the signs daddy was healthy 
Then suddenly he just died oh my Mama cried

Mama… she was a strong old lady 
She had her pride our education was her drive
None of her children would steal or go blind 
She would whip our behinds
Go to school always be on time 
She said son you must always be kind 
Life is hard but you got to be gentle with a smile 

We saw some rough times after my daddy died
I can still remember… oh my Mama cried
When my daddy died… sometimes not much to eat 
There were growls of stomachs on the sheets 
Oh it was a sad old time Mama almost went blind 
The bills kept coming so Mama worked three jobs
So everything could be fine… it was a sad old time

Within the stress Mama showed her best 
But the tolls had a final test now laying here 
in her pretty dress  
Six years after my daddy died my Mama said goodbye
Now her son has become a man with 
wisdom he shall be strong
As I say my final goodbye I remember to give 
a gentle smile
She knows her children will do fine they’ll do 
nothing less 
Mama was a woman of greatness she never 
worried about other’s silliness

When my daddy died my Mama cried 
Together at last they’ll be fine.

When My Daddy Died by Ank J. SteadySpear

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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