Oh, What A World In Confusion

by Sophia Sewell-Ba

Oh, what a world in confusion
When its inhabitants are part of an illusion
This system is pulling all the strings
The suppression, oppression, and repression start to sting.

This is seen as progression.
What a world we are living in,
Mother Earth is screaming for assistance,
From her sons, and daughters globally
To defend her rights.
Can't you hear her howling in the wind?
Can't you see her saturating the Earth,
with floods,Land-slides, volcanoes erupting in protest?

Where is the respect for Our Mother Earth?
Why is she treated like a trick?
Why is she so exploited without any regard for her rights?
Why isn't it important to those with economic power
for her to be understood?

Our Mother Earth is crying hurting with torment
Those who stand up for her rights
Feel her pain as she is raped again
and again without mercy.

Her enemies are perpetrators of environmental terrorism, 
They do not see her as a living entity.
They have not perception or sensitivity 
To empathise with her suffering,
For they have no depth to realise 
That nature has feelings too,
Their abuse of her is justified by a price tag; 
Mother Earth is now the victim of power and greed.

However Humankind
Had better mind
That out of the blue
The Earth can become the toughest adversary 
yet known to humans.
With the military might of all the world's armies put together;
She can attack us with all the elements
one by one or all at the same time Fire, wind, water, Sun. 

Making the mightiest nations armaments be reduced to mere toys.
And if the elements were to strike altogether with prolonged intensity
They would have the power to bring humankind
to the brink of extinct overnight.

Open your ears and listen citizens of the Earth
Especially those ones with power
Who just don't care
What good is your money 
When it's floating in the air,
After one of Mother Earth's missiles
hits you by surprise,
Thou will be reciting the ten commands:
Thou must honour thy Mother
For from out of her comes life
Without her there is extinction
As she and Our Father gave us life
They can also take it away 
And still they will live on forever.

Remember the dinosaurs? 
Let them be a reminder for us all 
That, even the mighty can and will eventually fall.
If they don't listen!   

Oh, What A World In Confusion by Sophia Sewell-Ba

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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