by Sophia Sewell-Ba

This African landscape is filling me with my dreams,
So warm and beautiful is majestic zion
My spirit overwhelms me as I walk
through the slave fortress:
As i enter the belly of the beast.

So many centuries I was enslaved,
Now I am free,
Free to be who I choose,
Free to speak without having to conform,
To the system or am I truly free.

I was manacled in chains in slavery days!
No voice, no dignity,
They tried to snuff out my identity,
My Ancestral Spirits have awakened within me
Infinite wisdom throughout the centuries
Passed on from generation to generation.

Reincarnation as though on Mars,
I have returned to a century of turmoil and change,
Now seeing that freedom must reign!
I am free to be who I choose,
I have peace of mind
I am a free spirit,
I am no longer a slave,
I have reconnected to Africa
For its nourishment, wisdom, and virtuous embrace.

I am a free African returning home,
Now entering this slave fortress in James Island,
The Gambia,
Where I was captured and taken away,
Ripped from my land of milk and honey,
Forced to sever family ties,
Deprived of my birthright
With only faith to console me.

This brutal system denied my humanity
To feed their industrial power-base.

Held in bondage without representation,
Covered up by lies of being sub-human,
Denied historical and geographical lineage,
Unable to perform a physical pilgrimmage,
Centuries of confusion and indoctrination
Has under-developed the African nations.

They lied about IMF and DEBT.
Turmoil reigns Babylon is falling in front of our eyes,
Africans must realise their power.

Our Motherland is scarred by physical testimonies
of our enforced exodus.
A one million man march on the White House isn't enough,
Let us march forward to Zion
Honouring our Ancestors, our Heroes.

As I exit the slave fortress at James Island,
My invisible chains are removed,
I know that Jah makes all things possible,
That communications between Africans is a must!
To develop our African Continent
For future generations yet to come.

Spiritwalk by Sophia Sewell-Ba

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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