I Need The Sun

by Sophia Ba

Wind, hail, sleet, snow
Bouy, England is really cold
Damp, wet,foggy
I should really know
The cold seeps into my limbs
As I huddle around the fire to keep warm.

And every year
What do I say?
I'm not going to be in England
Next winter no way
Bouy, England is cold.

Why did you leave Jamaica
I would sy to my grandparents
To come to this cold country
Even though I was born here
The cold always affects me.

Do you know why?
Because I need the sun
Do you know why?
Because I don't belong in this climate.
I'm heading for the sun
To feel the cool breeze on my neck
To cool me down not freeze me to death.

I need the sun
I don't want to huddle by the fire
Or wait in a freezing bus queue
I want to wait in the sunshine
And it's alright if I reach my destination at noon.

I need the sun
To blacken 
To nourish
To energize my melanin
To give me courage
And warm me from within
I need the sun
I love the sun
Give me the sun
And let Jah make it shine all day long. 

I Need The Sun by Sophia Ba

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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