Looking For Work

by Sophia Sewell-Ba

You want to Inconvenience me with your bureaucracy,
Who me!
Yes you|
Turning me down at every occassion
To follow my destiny.

I want to work to earn some money,
So as to make ends meet,
Money to pay for my children's new shoes,
Still week after week,
I have to line up here in this post office queue.

I have been actively looking for work|
Going to the jobcentre,
Scanning the paper,
Updating my qualifications,
writing up lots of application forms,
Contributing to the destruction of the biosphere,
Pulling my hair out in despair
As a mountain of unpaid bills drop through the door. 

I am fed up with fending off a nervous breakdown.

I take stock
To reassess my situation,
In deep thought just standing routinely in line,
maintaining my position in the queue,
To cash my lifeline Income Support.

The jobs in the paper,
If I am not mistaken,
A quantity of them are already taken,
As the propaganda states there is no glass ceiling.

The monotony of fighting off poverty,
Sometimes overwhelms me,
Job-hunting is draining my energy,
Rejection after rejection is getting on top of me.

I won't give up the search
My inward fire is telling me I must fight!
Someting must turn up,
Sooner or later|

My interview technique can no longer be described as amateur.

I buck up the courage to fill out yet another application form.
For I am the role model of my children,
A Lone parent struggling to survive this economic plight,
I must remain strong, and verstile
I take some solace in the fact,
that I must keep moving forward.

Good news this morning landed through my door,
No more Income Support for me
Yes I'm a Lone parent maintaining my family's dignity.

Now this captive can start to fulfill her potential
on her journey to destiny.      

Looking For Work by Sophia Sewell-Ba

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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