Imagine This

by Sophia Ba

Imagine this
It was a very big dis
Imagine this- yeah

They took us away from Africa
Scattered us on prison camp Islands
To work and slave all day.

But wait centuries have past
And we have our independence
To find out it is really dependence
For us to waste our lives away.

Far and wide we are scattered
Far and wide futures are shattered
Our Youts are going astray. 

They poisoned our bloodline
Music is our bloodline
For our communities are fading away.

Let's chant freedom songs
Let we chant salvation songs
For we must develop ourselves again.

Africa is our homeland
Africa is our homeland
Aethiopia is Africa
Africa is Aethiopia
Which you can see on the old map of Africa 1626.
So they carried us away captivity across the Aethiopian Ocean,
Now in this time,
It is for us to sing a new song. 

No more weeping an a wailing,
It's now time we should be celebrating
Check the chant
Freedom Songs
Check de chant
Freedom Songs
Visualize it and it will come
De chant is a FREEDOM Chant
It sounds like the waves.

Come lets develop our African race
Stand proud
Move strong
Sound the chant
Lets move to Africa
Be and be brave. 

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Imagine This by Sophia Ba

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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