Too Much Apathy Struggling With Identity

by Sophia Ba

Too much apathy struggling with identity
Is preventing us from doing anything
To improve the condition of African people,
Instead we choose to bicker keeping the identity of a nigger.

Instead of aspiring to achieve something bigger,
We figure in our apathy,
That some kind of miracle is going to occur,
To spur us on further to empower ourselves,
And enable us to correct our plight,
Although our road has been littered with obstacles,
Why give up the fight?

While we are awaiting,
Procastinating over the inevitable,
Hoping that,one day some how,
Without any effort at all 
Our position in life,
Will be rectified by the will of Jah.

Instead of bickering amongst ourselves,
Causing confusion and divisions where none should be,
Why can't we embrace and respect our diversity?
As a celebration of our African roots,
From out of many branches we are one uniquely 

Our future surely lies in the development of our
Yes! we have heard it all before,
Some will say,
Agreeing to differ,
It's time to wisen up,
Acknowledge who we are as Africans.

Regardless of your nationality for that is soley determined by geography;
Once you denounce yourself as being a nigger
Emanicipation of your mind will make you a winner.

Self-help requires motivation from within,
Through self-esteem given to us via the inspiration of Our Creator:
Opening our minds,
Inspiring us to channel our anger into positive channels,
Let's use this energy to create positive vibes,
To construct something more permanent,
For our garndchildren's children.

To some of us it is empty void,
Whilst others prefer to pull the trigger,
Subversive elements amongst us are killing, shooting and looting.

Aiding an abetting the propaganda machine,
These negative vibrations are arresting our development,
Maintaining the position of the Great Conspirators as winners.

For our future prosperity relies in unity,
Rather than in the insecurity of promiscuity.
A family tree with strong roots,
Replenishing the copiceing of slavery,
Providing its future progeny with a positive identity;
Void of too much apathy!

Too Much Apathy Struggling With Identity by Sophia Ba

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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