An Ancestral Spirit Speaks

by Sophia Ba

Spiritual vibration
Celebration of life
Music and Rthyhm
A magical inclination
Oneness, inside.

Can you feel the warmth of the spirit?
Can you feel the presence of Jah?
Can you see the sun, moon, and stars?
Can you see harmony of life?

When it is in sync with itself
Peace inna peace
Is what I'm craving for
Light, right
Out of the darkness must come the light.

Positive events
Life giving nourishment
Replenishing of the mind, body and soul.

Through the passage of time and space
The past speaks out
The voices of the voiceless
Demands justice
Let their stories be heard
Of social injustice
Of turning African people into slaves
Buried in unmarked graves.

Their lives were indispensable
A commodity to be brought and sold
For their oppressors vanity
Although the events are past-But still present
The nations who profitted directly and indirectly
Can no longer be evasive as though
Slavery was just an inconsequential footnote of history.

Place yourself in an Afican Slave's shoes
Place yourself being kidnapped. and made hostage
Place yourself being inhumanely abused
And that your hurt and pain was bought by your master,
Paying 25 cents for every stroke of the cow-hide
Which tore up your back
A life-long tattoo.

Productivity of rice, sugar, cotton, tobacco, and corn,
Invlved irrigation, damming, ploughing, sowing, weeding,
clearing,water-carrying, digging and gathering
From dawn to dust
With Sunday's off.

No time to tend to your family
What family to cling too
When you could or would get sold off
Standing their humiliated on an auction block.

Children sold away from parents
Husbands from wives
All at the whim of a slave master
To spend the proceeds on his wife!
Can you feel the heat?
Can you feel the pain?
Can you imagine their torture again and again?

The Mid-Atlantic crossing
Was a regular event!
Slave trafficking was preceived as a healthy investment
by city brokers.

Taxes raised for the Crown of England
To build and construct Grand architecture prized today
And open its first banks
All off of the backs of African slaves
Who created market growth,
Stimulated the industrial revolution,
Of Europe and America.

The Industrial Revolution was financed by slavery
Without the Atlantic slave trade there would not be,
A developed world or developing world.

European Expansion was built on Expliotation
And we the descendants of Africa's enslaved people
demand compensation for the loss of our inheritance,
genetic identity, culture, land and livelihoods
all of which were taken away.
In exchange for guns, rum, cloth, pots, palm oil,
fish, shells and money. 

An Ancestral Spirit Speaks by Sophia Ba

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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