We're Africans

by Sophia Sewell-Ba

We're Africans

Yes, yes

Africa is our land
Africa is our land
Africa is our land
Where we originate from.

We will rally in unity
To build our community
Greeting one another
Reaching out to one another
Because we are Africans.

Being proud of our culture
Being proud of our land
Being proud of our Ancestors
Who were sacrificed as Lambs.

We're Africans
Yes we're Africans!!

Unity is strength
Wisdom is peace
Together make tools
Used as keys
To open the door
To our future once more
In Africa.

Visualize reality
With our community
Building a future
Towards happiness
And prosperity.

Knowing we're created
By Our Creator
And he will never falter

Because His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Is The Conquering Lion
of the Tribe of Judah.

Its time for us
To look towards Africa
The Cradle of civilisation
Which our Ancestors built.

She now needs us
To progress the nations
With our skills
The pills that don't kill!

Freedom has come
Liberation for everyone
Seek and he shall find
Take doubt from out
Of your mind.

Because the lambs
That went astray
Have a Shepherd
Who can lead
The way.

Once they know
They are Africans !!!

We're Africans by Sophia Sewell-Ba

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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