The A-Z Infatuation and Love

by Sophia Sewell-Ba

Infatuation admires
Infatuation bewilders
Infatuation covets
Infatuation depresses
Infatuation engulfs
Infatuation forgets
Infatuation gambles
Infatuation hurts
Infatuation instigates
Infatuation jeopardises
Infatuation kills
Infatuation lusts
Infatuation misinforms
Infatuation nullifies
Infatuation obsesses
Infatuation pimps
Infatuation quits
Infatuation robs
Infatuation stifles
Infatuation trespasses
Infatuation u-turns
Infatuation exits
Infatuation yelps
Infatuation zooms

How does this compare to

Love's A-Z?

Love adores
Love blooms
Love cherishes
Love develops
Love embraces
Love fulfils
Love grows
Love heals
Love inspires
Love joins
Love kindles
Love lives
Love motivates
Love nurtures
Love opens
Love permeates
Love quenches
Love romances
Love stimulates
Love teaches
Love unifies
Love vindicates
Love exults
Love welcomes 
Love yearns
Love zest

Now where are you in your life 
in the fog of infatuation 
or in the enlightment of love?

Author's note: As many of us search 
for the meaning of love or want to analyse 
the state of our relationship 
or a perspective one. It's good to have 
a chronological reference of experience 
to clarify infatuation from love.

The A-Z Infatuation and Love by Sophia Sewell-Ba

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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