When Will This Pain End (Life of a Divorced Child)

by Smiley

Woke up this morning and 
I see that I'm still here. 
My mother is calling me but 
I choose not to hear. 
I hear her saying, 
Wake Up, Wake Up, it's time 
to go. I woke up late, so 
come on and rush so that 
we can go. 
As I lay here thinking of 
what she does for us 
kids everyday. 
I get angry with my 
dad for running away!! 
Day in and Day out, I 
watch her deal with my 
sisters and me. 
With no help that I 
can see. 
Once again the anger 
builds up because my 
father choosed not 
to help. 
I watch my mother deal 
with our attitudes and 
it's no wonder she 
locks herself up to pray. 
She tells me to pray 
each and everyday. To 
get rid of this pain 
that I have hidden 
away. I'll be 13 in 
September you see, and 
I have to much to deal 
with than kneel to 
I know I need to  one 
day. I just need to learn 
how to pray. 

Maybe when I do this pain 
will go away. 

When Will This Pain End (Life of a Divorced Child) by Smiley

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