Cry On

by Sistah Kenya

Cry on my sister let the tears flow, tears of joy, happiness and sorrow
Emotions and dealings in one sistah's life is far more than only one Man's insight

For a man has yet to indulge what it is like to be a sistah
Of course body parts can be altered and sex prefrences changed
But no man will ever know what its like to be a woman

The love we give, the emotions which are felt within
The love we share for our men is yet to be outnumbered 
It is unconditional..Yet we are misunderstood, mistreated and
Taken for granted everyday

When will men recognize that we are the spines in their backs?!
When will they see that our love is deep and here to stay?
Yes tears that we shed may sometimes seem unworthy for our men

But in the end we as Sistahs shall win, Cry On my sistah 
I say Cry On
For there is more life to come, Life of love, nurturing and wisdom
Our tears don't always have to be seen niether our cries always heard

Just know in your heart you can carry these emotions 
and still be the Strong woman that you are
Cry On my sistah, I say Cry On! 
If you choose to be heard you will!

Peace and Blessings

This piece was inspired by myself...
For sistahs who stand by their men at all times and aren't recognized...
We need encouragement to feel what we feel and be okay with that! 
Cry On is a Profession of Voice not just tears!

Cry On by Sistah Kenya

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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