Strikin' Nerves: Symbols, Numbers, Words & Colors

by Sinsualmind

Symbols, numbers, words & colors

Have us living in this world with others

Who believe we don't matter......


It used to be black fists lifted high in the air

Now it's about poppin' caps cuz they just don't care

Hopin' when you're in the street you're not down on ya luck

Cuz bullets don't have names and those brotha's don't give a fuck

Hustler's 'n' pimps bein' glamourized, damn we're livin' in the last days

Laughin' while little kids mimic the fools, and watchin' as our future fades

Usin' black fists to blacken black eyes

Black on black hate ignores black mother's cries

Fallin' to her knees while her black child dies

Unremorseful eyes say 'he was bad' deserving of his demise

And what will they say about you?

Life was the price paid for that mother's daughter

Murals bein' sprayed in your brother's honor

How long will it be before we visit places

Full of brick memorials of 'gone too soon' faces

Innocent babies born marred with affliction

Symbolic of a mother's crack addiction

Streetman's pockets full of 'will work for food' cash

Passes up a meal to make that liquor store dash

Children forced to walk around with mental scars

Because daddy made his home behind prison bars

Ancestors fought hard to leave behind the plantation

And this is our symbol of appreciation?


1 night lovers bred single mothers

And true love is infected by 2 timin' brotha's

Sweet pussy pie so good, too good to resist a slice

Unprotected dick thinkin' leaves you blinkin'

At the toe tag of aids' low price

3 strikes leave a brotha reflectin' in jail

Spending the rest of his days in his self-made hell

4 leaf clovers don't bring luck all the time

Puttin' 5 on it will get you time equal to a dime

Some of y'all sittin' back waitin' on 40 acres and a mule

While the successful take the false promises and use them as fuel

New years day brings promises of the 360 you'll do with your life

December 31st allows you to reflect on that 365 day lie

Here it is the 20th century & some are still stifled by mental abuse

Using 400 years of slavery for their lazy ass excuse

Headed for the year 2000 and still blacks choose not to hear

How many times must a million men march to make the message clear?


Balla, shot calla, my nigga~~~define that shit for me, please?

And if your girl's a trick, is she your girl cuz she loves you on her knees?

Playa, playa hata, pimp, pimp daddy, all of ya' asses are broke

Come to think about it, if pimpin' ain't easy then hoein' ain't no gotdamn

Limited vocabulary is a shame, but you manage to call yourself 'crunk'

Money you could've used on college tuition has funded the bass in your trunk

What about self? That's a good word

Look out for you~~~haven't you heard?

Self-respect, self-dignity, sense of self

Watch your 'self', love your 'self', be yourself


My blood is red, but i ain't white, so should that make me blue?

Hell no, i'm black!! And hell yes, i'm proud!! And i'm not the one tryin' to
Be you

If black is bad, and white is good

Why cover good faces with a hate-filled hood?

It takes suburban white schools' killin' sprees

For you to know urban school miseries

Croations probably think this is a loving nation

They should get the opinion of turned away haitian

Little brown eyes that don't know hope

Can't even see freedom through a telescope

And we sing: o' say can you see??

When it should be: oh, you don't see me???

But when the dawn's early light shines

It's not bright enough to color blind

So make your own way sista's and brotha's

Cuz the world is full of symbols, numbers, words & colors


Strikin' Nerves: Symbols, Numbers, Words & Colors by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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