by Sinsualmind

hmmm.....him again

i wonder when

she'll give his pitiful soul

the rundown of her goal

she's not a gold digger

oh no, she's goin for somethin' bigger

bigger than his loot

or his Armani suit

and his beamer

couldn't be cleaner

but that's not it either......

If he only knew the extent of his sucka status

maybe he'd wrap up his 2nd brain apparatus

but pussy pie is so sweet

that wrappin' up would defeat

the purpose

'cuz it don't feel as good

as it should

so he runs in the reign without a hood

'cuz he ain't suga and he won't melt

but will he reminisce on how good it felt

or how he didn't strap himself with that latex seatbelt

because now he's goin on a ride

that other's have ridden, and died

so quick to get in so deep

signin' papers for eternal sleep

and he has the nerve to ask 'who's is this'?

soon he'll wished he woulda minded his business

'cuz I know about her....

you see, she deafened me for 69 nights

screamed and cried about how it wasn't right

her tears soaked me like rain

and with every breath i inhaled her pain

she beat it into me, gave me muffled swears of hate

and decided to mark all that would participate

"one....man....can make.....one.....woman hate all mennnnn"

I heard R. Kelly sing that again and again and again

and in her case, it is so true

only if these brotha's knew

that in months, maybe years to come

the mirrors' reflection will reveal her storm

and then they'll have to make phone calls

and listen while significant others scream and climb walls

they'll regret helping themselves to her juices

and realize they've just 'AID'ed themselves to the nooses

that will painfully choke away life and dreams

sometimes sweet ain't always what it seems

and sometimes i wish i had a voice

so i could warn them, give them a choice

but they made a choice, and walked the walk

and now death stalks, from the lack of pillow talk


PillowTalk by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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