There Are No Weak Women Here

by Sinsualmind

          I was feeling you.......pretty much

from the heat in your stare to the glide in your touch

                   and your dialect

          had conversations with my intellect

                 and I did not object

              to the flow of any subject

           even the ones that made you erect

            but let me interject something

                   correct something

             there are no weak women here

you see, the last brotha that tried to play me for fool

 wasn't fully aware of the 'ain't no fools here' rule

     and he ended up drowning in a self-made pool

                     of stupidity

                  are you feelin' me?

        come to this with only one expectation

     I'm not lookin for fake love jones situations

             I just have this infatuation

    with brotha's who can bring mental stimulation

                  and that's because

             there are no weak women here

       understand that good wine and a fast car

                can only get you so far

         and it's not good to drink and drive

                  because you are DWI

              ~Dealing With Intelligence~

       so check yo'self before you wreck yo'self

           'cuz I mastered games as a child

              so make this worth my while

                   ('cuz i'm GROWN)

              come to me with some style

                overdose on some class

             don't just try waxin' the ass

                 cuz i'm not yo' ride

            and without breakin' my stride

 I will read, write, and erase you~~all with one look


             there are no weak women here

             don't take this the wrong way

                 i'm not trying to say

                   that i'm too good

              i'm just too good for games

         and played out playa names (like boo)

              and played out playa skills

                I pay my own damn bills

               so I don't want your loot

        'cuz robbin' brotha's blind ain't cute

            I have no need, nor the desire

            to set any of your shit on fire

         I just want to be able to fly higher

         with a man who is down---to the wire

          who is not afraid of a strong mind

        who is not afraid of emotions, any kind

       who is not afraid of strong woman visions

      or a woman who makes strong woman decisions

         a man who can let a strong woman cry

        and not mistake the tears from her eyes

                 as a sign of weakness

                 admire her uniqueness

  and when he steps to her, he'll step to her strong

      'cuz he knows any other way would be wrong


             there are no weak women here


There Are No Weak Women Here by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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