Mirror~Mirror: My Revolution

by Sinsualmind

are we comatose?
the walking dead at most
every 3 to 4 years
cryin fake crocodile tears
for the Black movement.....which is on pause
for the Black rebels......who have no cause
and it's a damn shame
that the finger pointing blame
ain't pointing in the mirror-mirror on the wall
who is the brotha stuck on stall
celly in his hand like he's on call
frontin' year 'round winter, spring, summer, fall

and is this our downfall?
is this our downfall?

is this how we fall down?
'cause as sure as the world spins 'round
it's not waiting for us to make a sound
and I can't hear you my people
is this "the Revolution's" sequel
we know pt 2 is always worse than the first
and us actors speak lines as if they're unrehearsed
like we don't know what's up
like gas and flames won't errupt
when explosions are goin off everyday
and bloody streets are where we make our beds and play
and bloody streets are where young Black bodies lay
and bloody streets turn bloody nights into bloody days
and when all the red blood is black blood
every Black mother's tears will crest and cause red floods
don't ask who in the hell!!.........left the gate open
because it's you who's hopin'
they don't match your fingerprints on the gate
filling minds with misguided rage and self hate
comin' around wit' yo' fake ass revolution hat
screamin' 'bout muthafuckin' this and muthafuckin' that
when the revolution card
needs to be pulled in your backyard
speak on household revolution
that's when we'll notice evolution
because the first stage to our solutions
should rid our minds of mental pollutions

knowledge layers the ozone of my mind
and wisdom shades my eyes so I won't go blind
but we need a gotdamn earth day
in the worst way
because negativity's rays shine brighter
and positivity is always taken lighter
lightly taken
stirred and shaken
w/ a twist of deception
and we're gettin' drunk on that shit
gettin' crunk on that shit
we can't stop, won't stop, just can't quit

creatin' hell and complainin' about the heat
our mental cd is either skippin' or that shit's on repeat
because the same song keeps playin
and i hear what you're sayin'
but I need to see it
while u speak on change u need to be it
be the father, your son's visual extension
it's cool to pay child support, but pay attention
be the mother, not the dramasode queen
provide the soil for your daughter to plant dreams
don't look down on another's community
because your phat bank account won't grant you immunity
your money and their money may be the same shade
but even your money wont make your color fade

screamin' loud U-N-IIIII-T-YYYY
YOUUU-A-GOTDAMN-LIIIIEEE (thatswhatuare2me)

if you have no love for your brothers on the street
what the hell kind of unity can you preach?
how the hell you gonna speak on teachin' one
when the hands you pass by are the reachin' ones
you don't have to give money, give of yourself
give moralistic meaning to your materialistic wealth
and fakin' revolutions is bad for your health
because it beats the mind and leaves mental welts
just because I don't use your style of fighting
doesn't mean that i'm not down for my people uniting
I don't need to incite a riot
because you can hear me revolting even when i'm quiet
I don't need to justify who I am to you
what i'm about, or what I plan to do
I'm involved in my revolution everyday
and I contribute to the cause in my own damn way
I don't need materialistic gratitude
to enhance positivity in my attitude
I don't need a fuckin' trophy or a commemorative plaque
to reiterate that i'm proud to be young, gifted, and black
so take your fake revolution hat and shove it
then try to hand it out and you'll see how many people will pass
don't look down on me because I choose a different solution
a different way to uplift my people, cuz i'm fightin' my revolution


Mirror~Mirror: My Revolution by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 2000. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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