Mind Soaking

by Sinsualmind


     Sexy glances~~invigorating

     body language~~insinuating

       a subliminal invitation

       for mental masturbation

   invading each others' thinking

       envisioning you sinking

         in between my hips

        I slowly lick my lips

    my mind is naked to your eye

     you take a deep look inside

       my thoughts arouse you

    as you slowly browse through

        the isles of my mind

     searching patiently to find

   the origin of my freaky visions

   now you're faced with decisions

               to make

      wondering what rules you

              can break

          which walls you

              can shake

        the walls of my mind

        or the ones that ache

       for your sexual healing

         and now I'm feeling

     like I need to get near you

     so I can study and hear you

    listen to your thoughts speak

     and with my tongue in cheek

    dare you with deep brown eyes

 to think of deep chocolate thighs

            being wrapped


            being slapped

        while you deep stroke

           my panties soak

...........at the thought..............

  of elusive fantasies being caught

       grabbed with your fists

         locked at my wrists

      the shakes and the twists


      I need to snap out of it

      there's no doubt about it

          it's mind soaking

      and my moans are cloaking

         unspoken sensations

        while my imagination

          dreams 50 dreams

       and screams 50 screams

induced by the 2 lips and the 2 hands

 of this too insatiable man of a man

     sweat streams down hot skin

    as liquid slow motion begins

      again and again and again

     strokin' up and pushin' in

     downstroked questions asked

       true emotions unmasked


           bodies rushed


   by muscle clenching sensations

      and stiffening gyrations

         and locking fingers

       pleasure echos, lingers

        behind the last moan

     the last uncontrolled groan

      wet passion soaked kisses

       deep breaths and hisses

    makes this deja vu encounter

            mind soaking


Mind Soaking by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 2000. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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