Liquid Lust

by Sinsualmind

          Itís late at night

           and I canít fight

          the reaction I have

         to the sensual sight

          of you in your bath

           kept my attention

          an hour and-a-half

  feeling tension underneath my lace

       is it showing on my face?

      can you hear my heart race?

imagining your tongue flickiní my place

           tantalizing voice

          leaves me no choice

        so.....I touch and dip

         fingers start to slip

        my body, your eyes roam

            as my deep moan

             begins to own

       your mind.....itís blown

        you rise from the water

          thinkiní you oughta

         assist in my pleasure

     wet fingers lick my treasure

           nipples so erect

          because they expect

             sensual luck

           your sensual suck

         your fingers fuck me

         now the pussyís lucky

           you suck my lips

         and my passion drips

         soaking your fingers

     sexual tension still lingers

         you donít even think

       you place me on the sink

          lace panties aside

       your tongue slips inside

         replacing fingertips

     creating heat with your lips

   you stand erect.......and demand

      I guide you in with my hand

       you push~~~~ deep breath

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~to the right

      then the left~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    your strokeís gonna make me....


  I love it when you stroke me~~~slow

       how much more can I take?

    oh daaaamn!! startiní to shake

       and with one last thrust

        we release liquid lust



Liquid Lust by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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