by Sinsualmind

       don't get mad at me because i slid down

          your mind and fucked your thoughts

         preconcieved ideas of what i'm about

          had your vision shaded on who I am

           aint no wham bam thank you ma'am

                   shit goin on here

 but you did feel like my two dolla' hoe, didn't you?

           after you read the erotic exotic

           thoughts your mind was so soaked

             with mental sweat you had to

             back the hell up, didn't you?

            backed that ass up, didn't you?

              and my name was the cover

       you placed on this book and you judged me

     but i'm sure yo' ass has heard of that saying

      neva judge a book....yeah,you know the rest

        go past the cover, read the whole book

       read....that shit is fun2mental ya' know?

          then one day my words poured light

                     in your eyes

             and now yo' blind ass can see

               the many dimensions of me

                 the next level of she

             because sometime's she's on

                  some ol' otha shit

           because sometimes she's so sweet

          because sometimes she's so sinsual

            because sometimes she's a bitch

             because sometimes she's smart

         hell, just the other day she was a ho

        at least that's what that brotha with

        the stank ass golden-green fronts said

            when he left without her number

           sorry brotha, but the ho would be

          the trick who'd give you her number

     after two minutes of 'in depth' conversation

            If I weaved words in your mind

        hand-crafted like the braids in my head

        after the first two days of you walkin'

           around with chinese vision would

         you still say "that shit was tight" ?

           If I sucked subliminal seduction

            from the unopened doors of your

                 mind would you still

               "keep it in the closet" ?

             If I touched the deepest spot

         in that abyss you claim as your soul

         and turned it inside out so you could

          see it lookin' at you would you say

                   "I can't swim" ?

          If I've traveled the road that you

             fucked up and took a left on

            when you shoulda made a 'right'

                  would you still say

     "but you don't know where I'm comin' from" ?

           excuses, excuses, exFUCKINscuses

      I charge you with the stereotyping of muses

      your sentence will be unlike any other kind

you're condemned to that small cell you call your mind


Dimensions by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 2000. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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