^~*Damn!! It's Cold!!*~^

by Sinsualmind

my gawd brotha
you have lovin'
like no otha
stroke so slow, so long
ya hands squeeze tight, so strong
it's my body's language
you can relate to
and I can't wait to
be the talk of your town
walking down
your chocolate streets
so full of  the heat that greets
                       you gonna treat me
                     to your passionate soul?

                            grab a hold
                            to the gold
                          I call my heart?
                    wait, when did this start?
thought you wanted to get lucky
just fuck me
and call it a day
I knew I'd get my way
and I warned you
told you
about the passion within
how I'd pull you in
with my sway
then make you say
"what did you do to me?
this is so new to me."
for the longest you denied
held tight to your "playa pride"
quick to use your playa lines
then induct your playa grinds
but now the sexual healin'
is makin' you catch the feelin'
a long time you fucked around
and now "it's time to settle down"
but playa, it's too late
your attitude determined your fate
you wanted to sho' nuff get wit' it
hit it and quit it
take it and shake it
you didn't think I could break it
the trend
of how you descend
how you bend a girl
rock her world
neglect the clit
then you split....?
aint THAT  some shit?
well not today.......
first you just wanted to play
now ya triflin' ass wants to stay
didn't think you'd find
someone who'd blow ya mind
blow up ya spot
took whatcha got
and used it on you
confused your "clear" view
of what a woman is
she's not yours OR his
she doesn't BELONG to you
like your damn Nike shoes
just do it?
hell nah, you blew it
and NOW you wanna show
your passionate soul?
tell me fool, how does it feel
in the cold?


^~*Damn!! It's Cold!!*~^ by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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