Can't Sleep

by Sinsualmind

1:21 AM~~~
        restlessly sleeping
        thoughts of you keeping
        me tossin’ and turnin’
        my body is burnin’
        under silky sheets
        my heart pounds, beats
2:07 AM~~~
        body stretches out, then balls up
        what will I do If he calls up
        tell him I want him inside me now?
        try to sound calm? hmm, wouldn’t know how
        can’t think about it now, gotta sleep
        very hard to do in this erotic heat
2:57 AM~~~
        still tossin’ ‘n’ turnin’
        wantin’ ‘n’ yearnin’
        skin releasin’ sweat
        panties soaked ‘n’ wet
        pullin’ ‘em off
        tossin’ ‘em to the side
        left leg over the sheet
        on my thighs fingers glide
3:17 AM~~~
        sheets on the floor erotic heat’s intense
        mind’s on offense, body’s on defense
        legs gliding slowly across the bed
        fingers tie and twist the braids in my head
        hands slip down toward my chest
        tuggin’ at my nipples, grippin’ my breasts
        totally aroused, body hot and wet
        legs slightly parted, fingers gettin’ set
        two fingers part satin lips
        another finger slides, dips ‘n’ slips
        hips rise and fall, then gyrate
        rocking toward an orgasmic fate
        panting unsteadily, losing control
        heels dig in the sheets, eyes start to roll
        thighs flex, ass tight, a shivering shake
        orgasmic tremors rush me like an earthquake
        muscles are relaxed, juices flowin’ free
(phone rings)
        who the hell’s callin’ at 3:33??
“hello?.......hey baby.....oh, nothing at all.”
“just thinkin’ ‘bout you--funny you should


Can't Sleep by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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