Bathe You

by Sinsualmind

I can bathe you in waters so warm they'd set off alarms deep inside where your passions hide bathe your desires my water lights fires that heat your pores and beat down the doors that lead to your secret need I can bathe every second of your time wet you with what’s mine mentally climb through your sublime thoughts and match you catch you off guard my waters rush hard bathing your mentality with silky sensuality take a dive in my ocean and I’ll mimic your motion with twists and slips lockin’ my hips pump back slow blow for blow I can bathe you with my legs until desire begs for my skin to be your skin bathing in perspiration enjoying each gyration drinking our skins water passion getting hotter bites on your chest screams of “oh yes!!” and “oh shit!!” and “that’s it!!” and “oh dayum!!” and “I am... gonna....” hands squeezing body parts deafening pounds leave our hearts cuss words leave your mouth 'cuz it’s gettin’ wetter down south outbreathing each other gettin’ wet with one another and you bathe in me have your way with me 'til your ocean begins to flow and we bathe in our afterglow rsjsj

Bathe You by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 1999. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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