Allow Me One Moment

by Sinsualmind

      allow me to be the author of your dreams
      and rip away dissappointment by its seams
     have you flowin free like oceans and streams
     shinin light brighter than a sunray's beams

       allow me to be like nerves in your skin
    so my touch shocks your soul from deep within
   saturating your pores, makin skin warm and wet
i'm your moans, your sighs, your whispers, your sweat

      allow me to be the tremors in your voice
               your language of choice
       making my name a sentence and a phrase
      i'll be the stare in your satisfied gaze

     the haze of your days in ways that display
    unclouded memories of the last time we played
      the rhythm displayed when my body swayed
  the music that played from the love that we made

      allow me to release inside of your space
i'll be that umph! that smile, that love on your face
      i'll be the images your mind can't erase
     the one's with deep stares, satin, and lace

    slide into you slide into you slide into you
    glide into you glide into you glide into you
     echos of me whispering myself to your mind
    just allow me one moment of your time.......


Allow Me One Moment by Sinsualmind

© Copyright 2000. The Mytsexxy/Sinsualmind Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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