Written In Stone

by Kateb Nuri Shunnar

Your future is predestined 
It's engraved in your bones 
Read the fine print it's written in stone 
Oh you writers your gift you should not flee
Don't be a Poetic Jonah runnin from what God destin you to be 
A painter of words your canvas is fibers of trees.
Oh you great painters paint a picture of this world for me 
be as graphic as you want to be .
Your words could never be erase they will continue to live on 
Because they are written in stone .
Every poem that you write has already been engraved from birth into your bones 
They were just transfered over from the ancient stones 
Oh you painters to the devil you should not flee 
he will corrupt your words and infest them with disease
Your disease words infect weak readers giving them false hope 
and a glass reality. 

You inspire the people not to stand up but,

to be want 2 Be's .
Turn not away from your gift because your bones will erode away in the storm 
I know this for a fact because it is written in stone 
We should never beat up one another as painters using abstract words to confuse our mind 
This is not the true work of ancient scribes who has been sent to help tame the beast.
We must all work together to nourish our talent so we won't become weak
We need not to lash at each other lets lash him who has shackles on our people feet
God has blessed us to be their mouth piece 
Your gift is not yours it belongs to the lord 

and you can never change this cause it is written in stone 

Written In Stone by Kateb Nuri Shunnar

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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