I Am What I Am

by Kateb Nuri Shunnar

I came out to early 
I'm a premature man
I can't help it
I, am what I am

I am a single mother
No one gives me a hand
Still I try hard to do right for my kids and make en's
I may not have much
I, am what I am

I'm homeless
My body is like my soul
It has no place to call home
I eat out of the garbage
I make money out of recycling cans
I stand on street corners hoping you give me a hand
Not matter what
I, am what I am

I'm a sickly grandmother
I'm confined to my home
No one comes to sees me 
No one rings my phone
Hour after hour I sit in my home
I fall out the chair
I lie on the floor
I pray to god for some get up and go
My bones are brittle
Time is not on my hand
Still I accept
I, am what I am

I'm an entrepreneur
My business needs a hand
I've put everything on sale
Hoping people will rush on in
I refuse to give up cause
I, am what I am

I'm a teacher
The school refuses to give me a raise
I've been a faithful teacher
for more than one thousand five hundred and forty five days
I don't know what is going on
I need money to pay these student loans
Bill collectors keep on ringing my phone
I know my life is looking dim
I still accept that
I, am what I am

I'm a poet
I love to inspire others by scribing powerful words
I love using adjectives and action verbs
I love to make you happy
I love to make you smile
My words are not even worth your while
You take them and trample on it like sand
Still I accept that
I, am what I am

I'm a good girlfriend
I honor, trust and respect my man
I'm always there for him
He changes like the wind
Sometimes he's up sometimes he's down
My friends and family say leave him
My soul and heart say's stick around.
I could never leave a man when his knees are on the ground
I'm a true woman and I will always stand by his side.
People say I'm crazy for being with him
I, am what I am

I'm a young boy
Who wishes to be a man
My mother and father wants me to be other then what i, am,
their pressure is spinning me like blades on a fan
However, I got to keep my ground
Cause ..
I, am what I am

I'm a heart 
The body that I live in chooses to live other than god
Still I try to continue to beat
The body refuses to breathe 
so this puts a lot of pressure on me
I refuse to give up 
I will beat till death 
I beat from early morning to late pm
I'm strong.
I, am what I am

I'm a Christian 
I'm a Mmuslim
I'm a Jew 
I'm all these religions 
I know it seems strange to you and you can't comprehend 
You say I am crazy and my mind is blowing in the wind 
You can say what you want 
I, am what I am

I Am What I Am by Kateb Nuri Shunnar

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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