The Angel Of Death

by Kateb Nuri Shunnar

The world panics as the angel of death 

spread his wings bringing you his Acquired Immune Deficiency.

In his laboratory he conjure up his biological warfare 

Headed off Africa and released it there 

In the name of ?WHO[i]? may our smallpox immunization

Be the key to our world spread pandemic  

That he blames on a monkey that had SIV

which after a few mutations evolved to HIV.

Mr. ?WHO? can it be true 

That you used Africans as your testing ground 

The numbers I've found are so profound 

In Botswana I have found that 38.8% of the 

population are bound to AIDS and HIV 

Swaziland 33.4% OH I can't forget Zimbabwe 33.7%

Nevertheless I have to mention Lesotho 23.6% 

Zambia ,Namibia and South Africa both accounts for 20%

3.2 million new infections 2.6 million victim's 2.3 million deaths

is  this some freak accident of nature 

or was this intently meant by the U.S Government 

Hummm? this seems pretty strange I remember the U.S army giving 

Smallpox infested blankets to freezing Plains Indians

To kill them off and control their land

Could this in fact be the same thing??

  Now that your disease is all grown up you bring it home 

To the African Americans is where your disease roams

Come get your vaccinations for hepatitis B 

Who ever thought you were spreading HIV.

Sound familiar kinda like an experiment 

down in Tuskegee?? PHS[ii] you can bare witness to me

Approximately 40,000 new infections occur annually 

In the black American community when we are make up only 

12% of this glorious country to whom you pledge what?? 

In my eyes that could never be I could never pledge allegiants 

To someone who has been out to destroy me and my brother in the east..

No escape males in prison being raped spreading this horrible disease  

Then he comes home and brings it to his queen 

and all the neighbor hood dope fiend   

The UNAIDS and WHO can lie to the world but we don't have to believe 

Their 3 by 5 that does not stop the tears in the people eyes 

cause millions of us are Suffering and soon will die 

you think we not smart enough to add multiply and divide 

Well let's see 3 million treated by 2005 

well I guess the other millions didn't make it

Cause they could not afford medicine and died   

angel of Death has spread his wings


Infesting the land with his deathly disease. 


[i] World Health Organization

[ii] Public Health Service 

The Angel Of Death by Kateb Nuri Shunnar

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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