The Meeting Dream

by M

The translator spoke with a humble voice,
trying to convery to the audience
that race didn't factor into their choice
in choosing where they opened their stores of convenience.
He said they didn't come to this country
with a plot to rip off the por
and being that they was in the land of the free,
it was acceptable for them to charge their African-American customers a little bit more, 
besides where would the people shop
if they hadn't opened stores in their community.
Was it their fault that African-Americans lacked unity?
The self-hate, only the Blacks could stop.
Of course, no African-American could open a business where they live,
partly because their concept of racial identity was vibrant and positive.
No, they didn't see anything wrong
with selling the little bags for dope and crack.
Why should they, the intended customers/consumers are Black
and they have been selling and using drugs for so long.
So why all the uproar?
What is this meeting for?
"It's to protest what's been going down,"
the community activist said,
and maybe keep you from getting robbed, from getting hit in the head
or keep your store from being burned down.
Now we can't deny the fact
that it was our lack
of racial cohesion and pride in being Black
that allowed you to get such a financial foothold in our neighborhood,
which in itself is not good,
but it wouldn't be so insulting/humiliating 
if the invasion was done with a little tack.
Don't think that our beef in only with the Asian,
because we have gripes with any man
who also preys on us
overcharging, while they disrespect us..."
It was at that point that he began to awaken,
due partly to the noise the iron gates were makin
as the store-owners secured the stores for the night,
and with bags of money and police protection,
they sped off in another direction,
performing their daily ritual: "urban flight."
Though a dream was where the meeting took place,
he knew that, in reality, when tomorrow came
African-American consumers would still be fair game
and all the community businesses 
would still be owned by people of a different race.

The Meeting Dream by M

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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