Marcus M. Garvey - The Honorable One

by M

for the Unification
of the Universal African
had come to fruition,
we wouldn't be in our current position,
begging for aid and praying for reparations.
Instead, we would be in a much better situation
and respected by the world's races and nations.
It's now 2004
and GOD only know
if we can take much more.
The self/race hatred, we need to outgrow,
so that the future generations will be
totally and completely free.
Or will we continue to pass on
the slave mentality,
which will lead to our children being hanicapped, the day they're born,
because someone else will be defining their reality.
How much longer will it take
for us to realize that it's a mistake
that we continue to make
when we think that our future progress
is something that the government is truly concerned with 
and/or has and invested stake.
When the truth is that they benefit
from our self/race hating shit,
they love seeing our lives being a collective mess.
spent his life trying to convey
to us the dire need
for us to do for self or continue being  victimized by
another's race's greed
and cultural norms that cause us to die.
"Create and maintain
your own economic base
be the primary beneficiary of the power of your brain,
if you are to be a productive and respected race,"
was the gist of the brother's philosophy.
Brother Marcus only wanted the best for you and me.
And because of that kind of thinking, he became, 
a problem to the powers that be,
the powers who are determined to forever see
the African race
in last place,
in a state of perpetual dependence
never enjoying true independence...
And so the question remains:
will we keep teaching our children
how not to use their brains,
or will we instill within them teachings 
that will enable them to become self-sufficient women and men?
It is our choice:
perish or heed the vibes of MARCUS M. GARVEY's voice.

Marcus M. Garvey - The Honorable One by M

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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