The Garveyite's Dream -2004

by M

In the year of 2004,
people of African descent,
in Amerikkka, are still little more
than what their, American, ancestors were, before them:
"slaves", only today we sport different fashion
but just like then, our future is, largely, in the hands of others
and our future looks just as dim.
Because we have "put" it in the hands of others.

The Garveyite's dream in 2004
is to see a beginning 
of the ending
of the mentality that relegates Race Pride
to the status of "things to be ashamed of, things to hide".
Because it may be offensive to others,
we will be going against the grain,
not doing what's expected: selling-out our brain
and demonstrate a passion,
a knack, for destroying the minds of Sisters and the bodies of Brothers.

2004's dream is about
the negro being totally and completely kicked out
of the minds of the African race,
and doing for-self, in the unified people sense,
becomes the guiding principle 
and viewed as the only thing that really makes sense.

The non-negro mind
will understand and not be afraid of grasping the reality
that as long as you a so-called Black,
if you would open your eyes
you would easily find
an obvious fact
concerning your true identity:
that you're an African.
And thus and therefore
you should feel an innate obligation
to be concerned about people of African descent, in any nation.

The non-negro mind will work towards the development
of other non-negro minds, who will be dedicated to the developement
of the Race, as a whole,
and not be like the negro who marched, got a job and then sold his soul.
Paycheck made him forget what the struggle was for.
Priority becomes: not rejoining the ranks of the poor.

The non-negro mind is infused with not just Race Love
but there's also a great deal of confidence
in the people's ability to rise above
thinking that can have only a detrimental consequence.
The non-negro mind knows,
that people of African descent possess
the resources; the intelligence; spirit and finesse
to overcome the myriad of woes
that evolved from the impact of chattel slavery
and our continuing to buy into the notion of our inability
to have lives with substance and stability.
[Middle of the poem footnote:
 my-style-type quote-
"turmoil in Africa is used as justification,
as proof of our incompetence,
in having independence,
in running a nation.
However, when they speak of the dismal situation,
they always fail to mention,
inspired by devious intention,
the extremely large role Amerikkka and/or
some other Caucasian group/country 
has played in the African countries' destabilization.
It aint "Really" Africa's fault that she's poor.]
The non-negro believe
and has the mental and Spiritual bravery
to conceive
of grand possibilities and plans
that could benefit a whole lot of Africans,
all over the world,
from Soweto to the little D.C. project girl.
Concepts that say
that there's a way
that Africans in Amerikkka and those in the Motherland
can come together 
and benefit together
from the abundance of resources in the land.

Is there not a single person of African descent 
with the talent to create/build a car
or a rocket/missile that can go far
or a factory from the ground up
or the machines to dig the earth and/or suck the oil up?
Think of the possibilities
if millions strove for these potential realities.
It CAN happen.
It MUST happen.


The Garveyite's Dream -2004 by M

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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