You Heard Me

by Testimonee

Not Everyone Wants To Listen To You
You Can Relay The Explanation 
Give Facts To Your Situation
Yet Many Of Us Have Our Own Revalations
Of A Handful Of Contemplations
You've Sat In The Sanctuary
With Instructions To Turn To Your Neighbor
Yet The Expression On Their Face Causes You To Renig On
Asking Them For A Favor
You Pick Up Your Cell Phone And It Turns Into A Switchboard
Wondering Which Cousin, Sister, Brother, Friend Can You Rely On
You Know You're Not Perfect 
But Who Owns The Rights To Perfection
Every Step You Take Is A Test Of Trials And Tribulations
See Everything Is A Process
We Walked Around As Babes 
Ran Around The Playground During Recess
We've Grown Up...Yet Stressed, Regressed
Cried Cause We've Been Depressed
Living In Distress, Trying To Impress
With Our Outer Dress
Getting Over The Problems Now Trying To Digest 
Not Knowing There's A Different Devil For Every Level Of Our Mess
But Never The Less We Compressed And Manifest
Giving It All Back To Him For Out Of Our Mouths We Confess
Now We Are Proving Greater Progress
We Should Be Elated For Christ Has Redirected Our Path
Don't Worry How Long Our Turn Around Time Is Gonna Last
What We've Done Is In The Past
See He's Placed Us In This Ministry For A Reason
Everything We've Gone Thru Has Been Setup For This Particular Season
Believe Me When I Tell You That Your Sin Is No Greater Than Mine
So You Can Continue To Judge Me
Cause Im Gonna Move On Thru The Blessing Line
To Get Mines And Shine
My Joy And My Peace  Has Taken Me To A New Elavation
His Grace And His Mercy  That Has Filled Me Up Greater Than My Tank At The Gas Station
You Cannot Mess With A Child Of God
We Were Placed On This Earth 
Our Sins Do Not Measure Our Self Worth
We Are Standing On His Living Word
For Our Yesterdays Status Has Been Transferred
You May Think We Are Putting On A Show
Leapin, Jumpin, Singin, Rejoicin,
Cryin, Runnin, Clappin, Dancin, And Praisin
Oh Com On Lets Worship Him
Naw See Its His Glory We Are Baskin In For This Is A Higher Callin
Thanking Him For What We Been Thru
And What The Future Is Installing
The Shackles Have Been Released 
We Are Ready To Increase
The Devil' Plans Has Quickly Decreased
Yes It's Going To Take Some Work
And We Gotta Use Some Elbow Grease
That's Why We Say Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee
For He's Keepin Me
Allowing His Spirit To Marinate In Me
Building Me Up To Release Me
And Free Me To Speak To Thee
When The Enemy Comes At Me He Forvever Hids Me
And Guides Me
When Im Wrong He Chastizes Me
That's Why I Believe In Him
And Call On Him
Listen----These Words Weren't Written Down On A Whim
I'm Tryin To Tell You What Has Taken Place
He's Made Us Strong And Powerful
Bold And Mighty So We Can Run This Race
We Are Taking Our Place In Todays Society
No More Disappearing Acts...Not Being Apart Of The Ballots Of An Absentee
Yet Im Still Able
To Sup With You At The Round Table
This Not A Proclamation Of A Demonstration Of A Standard Declaration Of A Plea
I Am What God Says I Am And You Can't Touch Me
You Heard Me....

You Heard Me by Testimonee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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