I Wanna Take A Trip....

by Sherre'-D'Lon

I wanna pack my bags of useful items
Being limited to a few
I wanna point my thumb in the direction
Of where ever and be in a place
Of freedom 
I wanna take a trip to a place of 
Where there's no landlord bangin' on
My door
Where there's no sirens ringin' outside
Of my window and.... 
Mr. & Mrs. "can't-get-along" becomes
Mr. & Mrs. "we belong together"
I wanna take a trip where my, his, them,
Ours, the price of our lives will not
Be placed upon our style of clothing
Or by the jealousy of our paid for
I wanna take a trip where the color of
My skin is just as invisible as the air
We breathe in
I wanna take a trip where starvation turns
Into fullness and the depth
Of an empty pocket becomes a matter of
Because where I'm going is a trip of, "it's
All free, your "no money"....doesn't 
Matter here"
I wanna take a trip where my dreams become
A reality and all my burdens are set free
From the days of misery
I wanna take a trip where I am not judged
But i am asked of these thoughts that are
In my head
I wanna take a trip where every song is love, 
lovin' me & lovin' him, makin' love, requestin' 
Love, sharin' love, bein'in love, oh! And receivin' love
Hell! We should love
If my trip is by bus, plane, train, car or boat...I shall pass
I'd rather stroll down these roads of beauty
To intake my days of journey
If you want to go....shut those eyes
And open that mind
'Cause this trip is made for the imagination...

I Wanna Take A Trip.... by Sherre'-D'Lon

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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